New Zealand Game

As with so many other big game animals world wide, Mayes Taxidermy Studio also has EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE WITH NEW ZEALAND GAME.  QUALITY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME with our New Zealand taxidermy as it is with all of the other trophies we work with.   You’ve finally made the decision to go on that hunt in New Zealand that you have always wanted to do.  Maybe you just got back.  New Zealand is a beautiful country and you WILL or have had some WONDERFUL HUNTING MEMORIES.  DON’T TARNISH YOUR MEMORIES with poor quality taxidermy!  You didn’t cut corners or chintz on your hunt.  Don’t do it with your taxidermy!

We not only have experience with producing top quality New Zealand trophy mounts, we also are experienced in COORDINATING the process of getting your trophies BACK TO OUR STUDIO.  Many hunters do not know this but it is also possible to BRING YOUR TROPHIES HOME FROM NEW ZEALAND WITH YOU!  It may not be the easiest or most convenient way but it can be done.  The process is made easier with the fact that our studio is LICENSED BY THE USDA to receive all foreign trophy shipments.  VERY few taxidermists in the U.S. are USDA licensed.

Contact us before or after your hunt and we can help get your trophies to our studio!


Red Stag

Tahr & Chamois

Fallow Deer


Australian Possum

Arapowa Ram