Interesting Projects

This is a client’s trophy room we have been working on for a few years.  The clients (husband and wife) came up with some basic ideas they would like to see.  We created sketches showing ways that we could accomplish their needs.  The end results (which aren’t really “end” results as they continue to hunt!) have proven to be very satisfying to them as well as our staff!  The dioramas are all on recessed casters so that they sit just barely above the carpet nap and can be easily moved for cleaning as well as making room for additional mounts.

Here is a very compact way to show three lifesize mounts on a fairly compact base.   The “footprint” of the base is about the same size as one large lifesize mount.  This whole piece is quite manageable with regards to transport.  It was done in 5 removable parts (tree, base, 3 animals) and the entire piece fit into a full size pickup truck with topper.

Below are pictures of what I call “Office Mountain” because it was built in our studio, disassembled and  transported to the clients business office.  It was then reassembled including putting the sheep on the mountain, ALL within two hours! If you have any questions please fell free to contact us today!

This mountain was built on site.  It is currently home for 14 lifesize mounts and has a real working waterfall!