Choosing a Taxidermist for your African Trophies


With the popularity of hunting in Africa, many hunters are faced with the decision of who they will trust to mount their trophies.  African outfitters often put the “hard sell” on clients to leave their animals there to be mounted. Many hunters get caught up in the moment and may feel somewhat obligated to the outfitter that has given them such a great experience.


They may also get caught up in the low price that many African taxidermists offer.  Don’t make a hasty decision.  You will have these trophies for the rest of your life. A “deal” isn’t a deal any more if you are not happy with the final results.  Especially if you are too embarrassed to hang them in your living room and/or you have to purchase new capes and have them re-done properly.


Taxidermy in Africa in general is decades behind the US with regards to quality of work.  I have personally visited big name taxidermy studios in Africa.  I have also seen examples of work from dozens of well known African studios.  I have yet to see anything that I would consider good quality taxidermy coming out of Africa.  I’m sure it exists… somewhere.

Granted, my view is somewhat biased but I am being genuinely honest.  Below I will show some comparisons.  You can hide a lot in photos.  That said, I don’t think there are too many hunters that will not see a big difference even in these photos.  In real life, the difference is even greater.

 I am not saying that all of the taxidermy coming out of Africa looks like this.  I will say that of all the mounts I personally have seen done in Africa (actual customer work and not just show pieces),  are very similar to these photos.  I could also show you similar, low quality work that has been done in the US.  I’m sure you’ve either seen it or been burned by it.  In general I would reiterate, the US is much more advanced in quality than Africa.


It all comes down to “caveat emptor”.  Do your homework before you go to Africa.  Remember quality taxidermy is like just about everything else… you get what you pay for!  Call us before your next safari!